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How to use

This is where I keep my on-line photo albums. The albums are organised into categories.

Select a category, and it will list a set of albums that belong to that category.

Each album will open in a new window.

Please feel free to explore.


The categories, albums and the photographs in them are managed using scripts written in PHP and data stored in a MySQL database.

Behind the scenes there is code for building and modifying the albums, and then populating them with content. It was hard work doing this by hand, so I wrote some PHP to help me navigate around my file system and choose which files I want, The code even throws up little thumbnails of files it recognises as images, and tells me which of the listed images are already in the album I am populating, thus avoiding duplicates.

I can even set up 'Private' albums, which will not be listed here. These can only be accessed using special URLs that I can supply to friends, who may not want their images visible to the whole world

There are free PHP frameworks out there for this sort of thing, but I wanted one that I had written myself and had complete control of.


Miscellaneous:(4 albums)
origami:(4 albums)
personal:(9 albums)

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