Origami Mark's 'origami' Photo Albums

  Napkin Folds
(14 pictures)
A collection of traditional napkin folds. I found these on the site of a napkin manufacturer on the internet. They are all in the 'traditional' simple category.
  Origami Models
(43 pictures)
A small selection of origami models that I have put together.
12 September 2014: Added Hercules Beetle and Vulture.
15 September 2014: Added Joisel's Rat, Lang's Gazelle, Crawford's Dog, Montroll's rhino
6 October 2014: Added Ted Normanton's Daffodils
19 October 2014: Added some more daffs and a tiger
23 January 2015: Added Golden Venture Swan
28 January 2015: Various models added, which are easy to see with the 'new' icon
  Bristol: Origami Convention:
(38 pictures)
Origami Convention in Bristol. I convinced Imelda to join the society and accompany me to the Autumn convention held in Bristol. The society officials were thrilled to have a member from Uganda, and made her very welcome. It was a good weekend.
  Eric Joisel
(6 pictures)
Some pictures of Eric Joisel's family grave

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