13/10/2014 - ZSL Whipsnade BOS Origami Elephant World Record


A few weeks back I received an email asking everyone in BOS to participate in the world record origami elephant folding attempt at Whipsnade Zoo.

At that time the most elephants folded and gathered together in one place stood at 1,600.

Also at that time it was known that there were only about 30,000 elephants left in the wild. In the 1930ís it is estimated that there were 7-10 million elephants alive worldwide.

London Zoo wanted to beat the folding record, in an attempt to raise the public's awareness of the elephants' plight.

It was decided that in collaboration with BOS, they would have an 'Elephant Weekend' at Whupsnade Zoo - the country retreat of London Zoo - where they would invite origami enthusiasts to fold some elephants for them to exhibit.

I don't know about you, but I like elephants, so as soon as I heard the call, I folded and sent off some elephant models designed by John Montroll, and published in his fabulous book 'Origami Sculptures'. You can some examples of this model above, and on the Origami page of this site.

I've just heard that after a couple of recounts, due to time constraints or some such nonsense, the new World Record stands at ... drum-roll, please ... 33,764, so that is one and a bit for each real elephant on the planet. you can see them on display here.

There are many more pictures here .

This is one of mine, I think. I remember the wonky leg !

Not a bad effort, eh ?

Let's hope it saves a few more elephants from an early demise !

The origami elephants will become part of a permanent display in the elephant barn at the zoo so please check it out on their website, here .

A full write up will be published in a future edition of the BOS magazine.

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