16/03/2015 - Cable TV

I had cable TV installed in my home on Friday. Brilliant does not even come near - compared to the terrestrial service I have been using to date, which is via the flat's communal antenna.

I have read lots of stuff about conventional domestic coax cabling not being up to the job, being usually of the cheap, unshielded type, and the only way out was to rewire the installation. Clearly this was beyond my control. I also read that buying signal amplifiers was not a good idea as these would amplify everything, good and bad alike, and were usually inserted at the TV, (i.e. wrong) end of the domestic coax cable, and by then it was too late. It is also apparently possible to have too good a signal, such that it overloads the receiver equipment, giving rise to similar symptoms to when the signal is not good enough.

I tried everything I could to improve reception after the switch-over to digital, but nothing seemed to result in a consistently reliable service. Even good quality properly shielded coax and good quality HDMI.

The solution was staring me in the face all along ... pay a bit more for a decent signal in the first place - problem solved.

I suspect a plot to force everyone away from terrestrial broadcast, so 'they' can switch it off and sell the bandwidth ... or am I really paranoid ? Anyone know ?

If you have read this far, you probably already know that there is no need to pay more than a few quid for a good HDMI cable. I remember when it first came out seeing HDMI cables for 30.00 or more. Bloody thieves !! Never pay more than a tenner, and even then the cable had better be in a decent box !

Now I have to resist the temptation to 'upgrade' to the next option, and then the next .... but at least I can do it whilst viewing a decent picture !

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