20/12/2014 - Elvis Exhibition

I went to the Elvis Exhibition at the O2 after work last Tuesday night as my birthday treat to me.

If you are a mad crazy fanatical Elvis fan, you will love it.

I thought it was OK, but felt that most of the exhibits are over 30 years old, and definitely starting to show their age. Mostly they are just tat, and could belong to anyone.

I was struck by the avoidance of mention of Elvis's later years, when his health was deteriorating, only showing him in his prime. The jump-suits on display portrayed him as a very slim fit guy, much shorter than I imagined, and he must have had enormous feet and very small head for his body size.

I left in very poignant mood, having helped finance that throng of folk who seem to me to be milking the existence of arguably the greatest singing artist who ever lived, quite literally, to death and beyond. He came from nowhere to become a very wealthy man who could have had anything he wanted. He did indulge in many excesses, sadly at the expense of his health and well-being. How did this happen to a man who was supposed to be so spiritual ? Why did his entourage do seemingly so little to save him from himself ?

Don't get me wrong. I'm still a fan. But maybe it's time to just let this legend rest in peace. I for one will be amazed if the exhibition lasts until August next year. Come and grab it while it's hot !

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