20/12/2014 - Cosmology

Watched a very interesting lecture the other day by a professor of cosmology, who was suggesting the notion that our universe may not be unique, but that there may be an infinite number of others separated from ours by a very short 'distance' in another dimension.

It occurred to me that this might go some way to explain odd occurrences that happen from time to time ... we might be bumping into these other universes and what we see as things that are hard to explain are side-effects of those collisions. Other universes might not have the same constants as we have here, such as the speed of light, for example. Such constants are often chosen as fudge factors to make a mathematical model work, and if we choose different ones, the model fails.

He went on to talk about the length of time this universe has been in existence, and what aliens who have been watching us from the beginning of time might make of what is going on. Humans have existed in their current form for many tens of thousands of years, but cosmologically, this is hardly any time at all. Over the past couple of hundred years, we have seen huge changes take place, and the pace does not seem to be slowing down. If anything, it is getting faster, and our alien friends would observe a sudden flash of activity - lumps of metal and radio waves being flung into space, ice caps melting, weather extremes and so on. What would they make of this ?

I have no idea, but it makes yer fink, dunnit ?

Answers on a postcard, please.

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