20/12/2014 - German

Since school days I have always had a love of German, which I enjoyed when taught by Mr Skelton. I always did well in his class, and ended up the following year being 'promoted' to the cleverer class taught by 'Red' Davies, where my performance plummeted, resulting in me being demonted the following year back to Mr Skelton's class.

Sadly, nobody cottoned on the the correlation between my success and the teacher, so I flip-flopped between the two, and I ended up having to take CSE German O-level, as Red Davies did not think I was good enough for GCSE. I got a grade 1 pass, equivalent to a GCSE O-level, so it all turned out OK in the end.

Gina, my girlfriend at College has a German mother, and Gina was pretty fluent, too, so I got to practice listening to German swear-words on a regular basis through that :-)

Anyway, suffice it to say, I do like German. Ich liebe Deutsch.

I subscribe to Private Eye, and they have been running a little section at the bottom of page 20, where they have a German word that tries to capture a complex human condition. The Germans seem to love stringing lots of words or word fragments into a single word !

I have added a section to my site, called 'German', to share these little nuggets of loveliness.

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