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In Private Eye, to which I subscribe, they have been running a small section at the bottom of page 20, giving single German words that try to capture a complex Human Condition.

I have decided to capture these words for my own personal amusement, and for anyone else out there who finds German a very entertaining language

If you know any others, please let me know

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Words I have collected
  17/11/2014 Bonzendepekulation bon-tsen-dey-pey-koo-lat-tsion Ethically obscene and morally corrupt profiteering by former politicians
  12/12/2014 Schuupfenriecher shoop-fen-ree-ccher That dread knowledge that you have a cold brewing
  27/06/2014 Lebensartbegutachtung Lay-bens-art-baygoot-ach-toong Attempting to calculate a friend's income by observing how they live
  28/11/2014 Promiblindpräparat pro-mee-blinned-prey-pa-rat bestselling autobiographies neither written by the autor nor read by the publisher
  19/12/2014 Schottenfreude shot-en-froi-de German words for the human condition
  21/12/2014 Speichelgleichmut shpy-cchel-glycch-moot Pretending you have not been accidentally spat on in a conversation
  20/12/2014 Markenmärchen mar-ken mare-schen The ever-widening chasm between advertising and reality
  09/01/2015 Handyverstopfung han-dee-fer-shtop-foong Pretending to visit the lavatory in order to check your email
  23/01/2015 Pfefferpfennigfuchser pfef-fer-pfen-nig-foox-er Eking out the last drops of an expensive product
  19/02/2015 Quatschquatscherquetschung Kvatch-kvatcher-kvetch-oong When a word becomes ridiculous through repetition
  29/05/2015 Internetausdrucker internet-ows-drucker He who prints out the Internet
  30/05/2015 Drachenfutte drach-en-footer Literally, dragon fodder. A gift used as a peace offering to an angry wife
  05/06/2015 Schwül Shverl Muggy weather
  05/06/2015 Schwul schvul gay
  05/06/2015 Auspuff ouspuff Exhaust
  05/06/2015 Corny Kornee Meusli bar
  05/06/2015 Alles Schlampen ausser Mama Alles Shlam-pen owsser mama All slappers except for mummy
  28/07/2015 Kummerspeck Kum-er-schpek Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief bacon.
  28/07/2015 Backpfeifengesicht back-fifen-gesicht A face badly in need of a fist.
  28/07/2015 Fremdschämen fremd-shemen The kinder, gentler cousin of Schadenfreude, both these words mean something akin to "vicarious embarrassment.”
  28/07/2015 Packesel pak-es-el The packesel is the person who’s stuck carrying everyone else’s bags on a trip. Literally, a burro.
  09/09/2015 das Stille Oertchen das shtilla errt-shen Literally, the little quiet place, or toilet. Little boy's room.
  09/09/2015 der Donnerbalken der donner-bal-ken Lterally, the thunder beam, or toilet (very old-fashioned and circumstantial) Thunderbox.
  25/02/2016 Eierlegende Wollmilchsau I-er-leg-ende Voll-milsh-sow Jack of all trades - all in one device suitable for every purpose. Literally, egg-laying woolly milk-giving pig.
  22/09/2016 Nacktarschzudeckenwunsch Nak-tarsh-zoodecken-wunch The desire for people to cover their own naked backsides
  30/12/2016 Gleichschaltung glysh - shall-tung absolute unequivocal conformity and obedience

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