Humour seems to be a matter of opinion, but I enjoy a good laugh like anyone else. I am told I have a very dry sense of humour.

Things that make me laugh include Dilbert cartoons, Andy Capp, strange book titles, plays on words, and the wierd things people and animals do on occassion.

Favourite Comedians

My favourite comedians are:

  • Billy Connolly. I don't think I could risk seeing Billy Connolly live - watching him on TV leaves my writhing in agony because I laugh so much. So I guess I will have to try and avoid the guy in person, and be satisfied with buying his material on DVD. I am sure that will be OK with Billy, too.
  • Peter Kay - Loads of stuff to watch and listen to.
    Peter has another site dedicated to flogging merchandise but it does not work very well. I have tried telling his system admin folk, but got no response, so I guess he won't sell too many 't'internet T-shirts except small ones.
    Late-breaking news ! The T'shirt I wanted to buy has been removed from the site. I guess they didn't sell many !!
  • Bob Monkhouse.
  • Ken Dodd


    I have a number of comedy films in my , including Shek, Blazing Saddles, and Johnny English - each in their own way a classic.


    My favourite comedy on TV includes The Simpsons , Little Britain , Only Fools and Horses , and Coupling - that sort of thing. I tried watching the televised Dilbert cartoons, but did not get on with them at all, for some reason.


    I enjoy comedy on radio sometimes, but very often find it a bit banal and childish. My absolute all-time favourite radio comedy has to be 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue', recordings of which can be found on the BBC Radio website. What a hoot !!

    Computer Humour

    If you like computer related humour, look here . Some of the stuff is a bit technical, but very funny if you are a reasonable programmer. On the other hand it is really really scary what some people will put into production. I guess they don't know any better.

    Pithy Quotations

    I enjoy quotations, and you can see some here >>>>>

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