DVD Library I have always enjoyed watching movies, either at the cinema or on the TV. The one exception is on commercial televison, where the storyline tends to be broken up by those incessant adverts. Also, the ads can easily add an extra hour to the running time of a movie, so it will not end until well past my bedtime.

To overcome these difficulties, I have built up a collection of DVDs.

You can see a listing of my DVD collection

I prefer DVDs because they take up less space, and offer better picture and sound quality which (we are assured) should not deteriorate over time, since there is no mechanical contact between the disc and the player pickup head. They also often offer great value for money, because they offer many extras, such as how we made this, deleted scens, different cuts, different languages, subtitles, online access to the film, and trailers.

I have some Blu-Ray format movies too, but think these are a bit over priced for what they offer.

I have noticed another interesting feature of some DVDs. Sometimes they contain undocumented extra features, which have become known as Easter Eggs. In my DVD listing, I have included a column for the presence of Easter Eggs. Often these are quite simple things, but can open up significant areas of extra content. There are a number of websites out there that list Easter Eggs, but it is more fun to try and find them yourself.

I have been totally under-whelmed by my HD and 3D experiences. Sure, the picture quality is better, but I personally think the providers are asking too high a premium for such a limited improvement. As for 3D, again it is fun, but watching a full-length movie wearing those rediculous glasses is a bit bonkers ! It is also reported to give some people headaches. And don't even get me started on the curved screen models now being touted at the 'higher' end of the market ! Solutions looking for a problem if you ask me.

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