Eric Joisel's Grave

November 15 1956 to October 10 2010 - Rest in Peace, mon ami

I had the good fortune to meet Eric for the first time at the 40th anniversary BOS convention weekend in 2007, and we hit it off immediately.

His modesty and sense of humour concealed an extraordinarily deep understanding of form as he pushed the Origami method to new heights.

Each time we met, he had achieved something new and amazing, adding more and more complexity to the models he built. He told me the next development would be to add pockets to his models

Unfortunately, Eric did not document his more complex designs, and was prematurely taken from us. He was a heavy smoker ...

Here are some photographs taken by a friend of mine who went to France on holiday, and who said he would track down Eric's grave.

It is apparently traditional to leave something on a friend's grave (usually a train ticket or money) so I gave him one of Eric's rats made of special waterproof paper to leave. I wonder if it is still there ...

Eric's work has been preserved here.

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Eric's Rat
Erics' Rat
Eric's Grave

Eric's Grave

Eric's Grave

Eric's Grave

Eric's Grave

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