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Here, on the right, are some examples of Java programs I have written, or had a hand in creating.

What are they ?

Some are games, that are fun to play if you have the odd half-hour to kill, others are gadgets which do entertaining things, depending on how easy you are to please. As usual for me, the details are held in a database table, and the page generated dynamically from that information.

How do they behave ?

Each program should open in a brand new window - I have tested this with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are using a browser for which this does not work, please let me know what you have, and I will investigate. The main problem you are likely to encounter is that the page opens in a new TAB, and then the 'Close Window' button will not work. The 'Close Window' button may just do nothing (in which case just close the tab yourself), or may close down the whole browser, which is not very friendly. It appears as with so many things in life that implementation of the HTML standard is seen by browser developers as largely optional.

What if they don't work ?

If the Java programs refuse to run, this may be due to your browser having too high a security setting. I fixed this in Google Chrome by going to the Settings and lowering my Java Security from 'High' to 'Medium'. Another alternative for Chrome is as follows:

To run the Java plug-in in a Chrome browser

The Chrome browser blocks Java plug-in versions that are out of date or have been identified with security risks. A message notifies you that the plug-in is blocked.

Plug-in out of date Update the plug-in before allowing the plug-in to run.
Java(TM) needs your permission to run If you choose to Run this time, the plug-in will run but you will be asked for permission the next time you visit the site
If you choose Always run on this site, the plug-in will run and not ask for permission when you visit the site again.

I still get the odd pop-up warning me that the program may do damage, but now I can accept the risk, and the program will run. I can accept no responsibility if your computer explodes while running these programs.

Remember Google is your friend, and search 'Java plugins' for help getting this to work in your environment


... and finally, the programs are a few years old now, and I have not touched Java for ages. Click on the 'Try me!' button for the program that takes your fancy. If you just let your cursor hover over the button, you should see a 'tooltip' suggesting you click to try. Your mileage may vary ....

Java Logo

Name URL Description
Allights Object of the game is to turn out all the lights.
Analogue Clock This is my Java analogue clock. Some semi-challenging maths involved here. It takes the time from your local system so should be right for you. It is also possible to configure the clock to fit different scenarios, by changing the run-time parameters. This clock appears on the 'Me' page, using different papameters.
Ant Races This applet demonstrates using Java to recursively find the fastest route over a terrain.
Asteroids Asteroids Game. Avoid colliding with the asteroid belt.
Automaton Automaton - click to build your empire and avoid being trounced by the computer.
Blocks Blocks - this is the old Tetris game. Graphics are a bit crude by modern standards, but it works.
Fireworks The sky is quickly filled with these exploding marvels, and turn the sound up to get the full experience.
Geko Geko game. Move your little pal back and forth across the ravine whilst avoiding being eaten by the passing predators. When he is caught, an animated sequence sees him turn into a skeleton and disappear. You have three goes per game. It gets harder as you succeed in getting across.
Invaders Classic Space Invaders. I wrote this from scratch, to improve my Java object oriented programming skills and see if I could do it. Much gnashing of teeth later, and here we are. Not a bad effort, which reflects the original pretty well. Goodness knows how they got all this functionality into the early computers, because this is a monster.
Lake Not really a game - more a special effect, but still pretty cool.
Lines A seriously adictive game where you have to get your balls in a line.
Mand Mandelbrot simulation. Not too proud of this one.
Moonlander Land the lunar module on the craggy surface of the Moon without crashing. Classic arcade game.
Reversi Sometimes called Othello, this is a game where you take it in turns to place pieces on the playing area, to occupy the most squares. The game is over when the board is full, and the winner is the one with the most pieces. You can reverse the colour of your opponent's pieces horizontally, vertically and diagonally by having one of your pieces at each end of the opponent's line.
Snakepit Snake pit game
Star Field Classic screen saver implemented in Java.
Tail Gunner Tail Gunner Game with some additional whistles and bells. You are being pursued by marauding aliens who want to catch you and put things in different orifices of your soft smooth body. You do not want that, and must shoot them until all your shields have been destroyed. Resistance really is futile.
Turnablock Block turning game.
Video Poker Classic Video Poker Game. Takes absolutely ages to load, but I have got this working in the past.

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