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Album:Bristol: Origami Convention:
Origami Convention in Bristol. I convinced Imelda to join the society and accompany me to the Autumn convention held in Bristol. The society officials were thrilled to have a member from Uganda, and made her very welcome. It was a good weekend.

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  Setting up ...
  A folding class.
  Imelda checking out a gift from Holland.
  More folding.
  Checking out the exhibition table.
  More exhibits.
  ... and more ...
  What we in the trade call a tessilation.
  Some animal studies.
  more animals ...

  Variations on a theme ...
  ... more variations ...
  Some nice geometric modulars.
  A nice clean exhibit.
  Imelda touching the exhibits - very naughty.
  More tessellations.
  Exhibition table review.
  ... goes on ...
  Imelda immersed in what is going on.
  .. . or is this a foding class ?

  Imelda whispering ...
  Looking gorgeous for the camera.
  Is she going to make something out of that very small square ?
  Not yet ...
  ... not yet ...
  Nope ... still no progress.
  Checking out a pattern makers pattern.
  Nice as a skirt ...
  More exhibits ...
  and a tessalation ...

  Is this really origami ?
  Some Sci-fi models.
  or this ?
  This definitely is.
  Taking a breather from all the excitement.
  Enjoying the sunshine.
  looking very cool.
  That's me in the refection ...

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