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A small collection of animated GIFs. I have noted where the GIF has a transparent background, which makes it blend nicely intio any other background.

Number of photos in the album is: 22
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  Image Notes

  Jessica Alba with a bit of a wiggle on ... black background ...
  Looks like a load of balls to me. Transparent backgound looks best on white.
  Not really animated, but nevertheless, good advice. Black background.
  See through globe with transparent background
  Hacker, hacking ... transparent background
  Penguin reading ... white background.
  Under construction ... black background ...
  Shimmering Rose with transparent background
  Ungandan Flag with transparent background
  UK flag with transparent background

  Walker with transparent background.
  flashing 'Merry Christmas' on black background
  Betty Boo doing something that will affect her eyesight.
  to be added
  Olympic Flag
  Earth ...
  Bart being rude.
  Ee-Orr saying hi

  Waving hand
  Timer - not sure what use this is.

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