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Funny photos that I have found on the internet - enjoy.

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  Image Notes

  Looking a bit full
  Just don't get ill
  Every parent's nightmare
  All mod cons
  Run out already ?
  Bet that hasn't got a valid MOT certificate
  Got dressed in the dark
  This will take a bit of explaining
  Poor planning
  CAn't leave him behind - he loved a bike ride.

  ... did not get the memo ...
  Look busy
  Good invention ...
  Re-assigning ...
  Looks like we missed it
  Way ahead of the game
  A challenge ...
  Dealing with that git kid.
  Irish belief.

  JUst as we have come to expect.
  bubblegum abuse
  The lap of luxury
  How to drive a woman crazy
  Somebody not like cyclists ?
  More advice
  Slow down ...
  C'mon - jump.
  Skip humour
  That's parked it !

  Determination ...
  Good trick if you can do it
  Just dropping in
  Tight fit.
  I guess it has been there a while.
  'That's right, boss - it's stuck, alright.'
  Another tight fit
  Ooops! It's happened again.

  What do you put on the claim form ?
  More serious than we thought.
  'No ... no ... I'm fine ...'
  ... and again ...
  Another difficult form to fill in.
  ... good question ...
  Let me in ...
  It is only a matter of time ...
  Didn't get the memo.

  Good effort.
  What do you mean 'too much'.
  Wheee !
  It's grid-lock out here !
  Even worse out here ...
  Gotta get across somehow ...
  Oh shit !
  Ready for anything
  public sector work
  good place to hide

  luxury ...
  Good idea
  Wishful thinking ...

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