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Album:My time at Rule Financial in the City
After John Lewis, Oracle and Capgemini, I took a six-month break, followed by four years working in the City for a consultancy that specialised in offering services to the Investment Banking Industry. My role was as a Subject Matter Expert covering databases generally, and Oracle in particular.
I was surprised to see the level of penetration Oracle had achieved in this space. When I worked at Oracle as a Presales Consultant in the City, all we used to see was Sybase kicking our backside, because they were so much faster than us, and this won the users - essentially traders - over, even though to achieve this speed, they had turned off database logging - vital for recovery, if anything went wrong.
Anyway, Oracle now ruled the roost.
Suffice it to say that I did not get anywhere near the fortunes these bankers pay themselves - they guard their fortunes very greedily.
Here are some pictures of my stay there.
Looking at the Rule website , they now boast offices in London, New York, Boston, Toronto, Barcelona, Łódź, Poznań and Costa Rica.
They have been taken over by a German Conbsultancy, and many of the longer serving senior people at Rule have moved on.

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  Image Notes

  This is a bit of a boring picture of Rule's offices at Moorgate.
THe company moved twice while I was there, due to natural growth - from Old Broad Street to Moorgate, and from Moorgate to Bunhill Row, which is where they still are.
Also during my tenure, they acquired near-shore development centres in Barcelona and Poland, sales centres in Wall Street, New York, and Toronto, Canada.
Generally, then, very successful, but not much of that success brushed off on me.
I eventually got head-hunted into my current role in Transport for London, and have not looked back.
  Every summer, Marcus Rule (the owner of the company) holds a party at his house, to which all the UK staff are invited. This is a picture of his house.
Traditionally, the party featured a spit-roasted pig, lots of food and drink, and games in his large grounds ... proof that Marcus was doing alright.
I seem to remember he had an outdoor swimming pool installed. His wife was very particular about who got into the house - 'noone' would cover it !
  Here is a snap of the party drinks table. It looks a bit modest, but never ran out of booze.
  Various games were offered including croquet, and various 4-wheel drive toys.
  There was the opportunity to be 'made up', and here is an example modelled by David Field of a head-wound.
  I was asked to entertain with some paper-folding. Here is my attempt at folding a flapping bird with a napkin being demonstrated by Mick Peacock ... floppy or what ?
  Me doing a bit of folding ...
  Jo, looking a bit happier, and me - grief, was I that fat ?
  Here is a picture of Josephine who, as the only black person there, felt seriously out of place.
  More of the party ... we made our excuses and left.

  Whilst at Rule, I had the opportunity to go to an event hosted by Quest, a software firm who sold a tool called TAOD that was the market leader for use with Oracle. They were eager to team up with Rule, to establish TOAD as the de facto choice for Oracle shops.
This is me posing with the Quest Sales Manager, dressed as a toad. He is the one on the left as you look at the picture. What some people will do for a sale ...

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