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Album:Mum and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary
Some snaps of Jo and my visit up to the in-laws to celebrate my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was an opportunity to introduce Jo to the family.

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  Image Notes

  This is Pat, my brother-in-law. When he has been good, he is called Pat. When he has been naughty, he is called PATRICK. It is a good idea to understand this code when Marie, my sister, is involved. You will meet Marie later in this album. Be afraid ... very afraid.
  ... And Pat is now joined by the lovely Josephine. Pat had just told her not to put her full weight on the swingy thing ... but he was too late.
  This is me during what I call my bloated season with the lovely Marie, who is somewhat refreshed.
  Here we see more family members, Darren (Pat and Marie's son), and Bill (Pat's Dad).
  The Plant family - Marie, Mum (june, in case you were wondering), Dad (also called Bill, even though his real name is Charles) and me - ready to take on the world.
  Here we meet Sharon, Pat and Marie's daughter, and my favourite niece. And yes, it does look like she has had a few ...
  Rose and Tony, good friends of Marie and Pat, and very fond of Mum and Dad. Looks like they've had a few, too. Is there a trend here ? Looks like Tony has lost a tenner and found a penny ...
  Here is Darren again, doing what he does best ...
  Darren and me, putting on a smile for the camera.
  Me, Mum and Jo. Looking refreshed.

  Pat ... 'you haven't seen me, right ?'
  Half-way there with this one ... will the unfettered joy never end ? Marie trrying to strangle Darren.
  Darren explaining to some astonished in-laws his fishing prowess.
  Marie and Mum.
  Dad and Mum buggering up the cake cutting ceremony.
  Dad and Mum looking well refreshed for the camera.
  Dad and Mum with some shady geezer in the background ...
  Jo and Marie outside Marie's front door. I think this was the next day.
  Marie and Pat live next door to Pearl and Dave. Dave likes knocking things down and this is whats left of his front wall,
  ... and here's Dave, busy on his latest project - hiding from Pearl.

  THe lovely Josephine sitting on Marie's even lovelier sofa. This must be the most uncomfortable peice of furniture ever to come out of a second-hand shop. If it wasn't for the colour, I would have cremated it where it stood.
  Here is Marie proudly exhibiting her latest possession, a Miss Piggy shopping bag holder ...
  ... and here we see Pat struggling to contain his indifference ... Pat claims that nothing Marie can do will faze him any more. Looks like the Miss Piggy Shopping Bag Holder is the exception that proves the rule.
  Nearly done now. Here we see a snap of the lovely Pearl, Dave's wife. If you are ever in the Grantham area in a coach party, do call in on Pearl and Dave, as they do knock out a knockout cream tea, and are always thrilled to meet new people, because they don't get out much.
  And finally, the lovely Josephine standing under the arch which is the entrance to Marie and Pat's garden.

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