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Album:Meeting with Cecilia - October 2014
Cecilia is a lovely girl I met at University. She was on the same course as me, and we became good friends. After graduation, she went back to her home in Hong Kong to teach Mathematics in a secondary school as well as get pretty high up in the Girl Guides. We kept in touch, and every couple of years she comes back to the UK to visit relatives here, and we arrange to meet (along with Josephine, a mutual friend) for a proper Chinese meal followed by Hargen Das ice creams. Cecilia has now retired from teaching and the Girl Guides, but keeps active with line dancing ... or is it lap dancing ... no ... no ... only in my dreams ... definitely line dancing.

Had another meeting with Cecilia eary in October 2014. Usual routine of proper Chinese meal (nice Spicy beef dish, and nice, if a little boney fish, some Chinese veg, and lots of rice), visit to M&M store in Leicester Square followed by Hagen Daz. Had a bit of a panic, as we thought the Hagen Daz store may have closed, but it was still there.

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  Josephine and Cecilia before the meal
  Josephine and Cecilia after the meal.
  M&M guy in his car.
  Cecilia and I admiring the car.
  Hagen Daz joice number one.
  Hagen Daz joice number two
  Hagen Daz joice number three
  Cecilia and Josephine, post Hagen Daz.

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